Scope and Definitions


ARTICLE 1 - This Regulation has been prepared in accordance with Article 39 / k of the Law No. 5174 and the qualifications and procedures of the organs of Muğla Commodity Exchange, selection procedures and loss of organism qualifications, duties and powers, working procedures, mutual rights and obligations of members, income and Expenditure and budgets, stock exchange personnel, personnel rights, forms and procedures of conduct of business, representation and signature powers and specify the principles of operation.


ARTICLE 2 - In the implementation of this Regulation;

a) Ministry: The Ministry of Industry and Trade,

b) Association: Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges,

c) Exchange: Muğla Commodity Exchange,

d) Law No. 5174 Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Law,

e) Legislation: All Laws, Regulations and Regulations, in particular Law No. 5174,

Instruction, Circular and Communiqué of Ministries,

f) Member: Natural and legal persons registered in Muğla Commodity Exchange,

g) Assembly: Muğla Commodity Exchange Assembly,

h) Board of Directors: Board of Directors of Muğla Commodity Exchange,

ı) Disciplinary Committee: The Disciplinary Committee of Muğla Commodity Exchange,

i) Account Review Commission: Muğla Commodity Exchange Account Review Commission,

k) Organs: Muğla Commodity Exchange Professional Committees, Assembly, Management and Disciplinary Board,

L) Insurance and Pension Fund: Union Personnel Insurance and Pension Fund,

l) Personnel: means the civil servants, contracted personnel, temporary personnel, servants and employees subject to the Labor Law of Muğla Commodity Exchange



Aims and Duties

Muğla Commodity Exchange

ARTICLE 3 - Muğla Commodity Exchange is a public legal entity established in order to engage in the sale, purchase and sale of the items included in the stock exchange and the determination, registration and announcement of the prices in the stock exchange.

Muğla Commodity Exchange

ARTICLE 4- The working area of ​​Muğla Commodity Exchange is the provincial borders where it is located.

Duties of Muğla Trade Exchange

ARTICLE 5- The duties of the Exchange are clearly stated in the Law No. 5174 and related regulations.